12 Reasons wHy Sarabhai vs Sarabhai is the best sitcom in Indian Television History

A big bungalow with family of 20 members including driver Ramesh, gardner Ramukaka, cook Suresh, maid Nilima, Bholi bhali bichari most importantly sanskari neither Saas nor bahu, either day or night 24*7 they live in high contrast makeup, big ‘unspecified’ business owner Sasur and beta, yeah you can imagine this as a plot of 300+ daily soap running over than 40 TV channels. Why do I only watch Sarabhai vs Sarbhai which is also free stream available in Hotstar.

Reason 1:  Storyline of each episodes are unique

        Unlike Tarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chasmah, Jetha’s extramarital affair with Gulabo took three months of prime time. All Indian Television channels which celebrate Diwali, Kadvachoth, Christmas, Holi, Janmashtami, Ganesh Chaturthi, hanukkah, anniversary, marriage of already wedded or unmarried couple, birthday of street dog to lead male actor, writers of these serial really believe upper portion of audience’s mind is given on rent. Yeah, true. Sarabhai vs Sarabhai’s episodes are not interconnected.  They had brought each episodes with unique stories. Like African Chant. Can you believe this name? 

Reason 2: One Episode telecast-ed per week

        Writing unique episodes isn’t kids’ play. It consumes fortune of time. Seven episode in seven day won’t make anything better, either story or acting. Sarabhai vs Sarabhai’s episodes were telecast-ed only once in week. That’s why we see best dialogues with perfect comic timing. In my opinion, writer’s team of Hats Off Productions is best.

Reason 3:  The Battle of Middle class v/s Upper Middle class


Daughter in law from middle class, who is habituated to bargain even for one tomato, where her mother-in-law bought high priced antiques without even look at price tag. Can you imagine relation between them. Yes, both bahu and sasuma act mimicry of each other is  epic.

Reason 4: Do you hate poetry, you’ll love it after watching this series



I hate poetry before watching this serial, now I can proudly say that I love poetry now, and best poet in my opinion is Roses Sarabhai. Character of Roses is out of the box. He is single. He writes poetry, scripts of play. He is also a social worker. He had written a script of If Shah Jahan cancels plan of building Taj Mahel at last second and he builds south Indian hotel what happened. Want to watch this


Reason 5 : Sarabhai vs Sarabhai had invented whatsapp language

Quite overrated reason, right? Wrong. Sarabhai family is fond of playing scrabble. And you know Monisha(Don’t worry, you’ll know). When Monisha plays scrabble, her instincts told her that Panipuri is English word. Same as we use Hindi words in English typing. Hens proved.


Reason 6 : Family comedy

Today’s TV serials are rare in terms of family comedy. Most comedy TV serials emphasizes on double meaning dialogues. I must say, you can watch this comedy show with your full family.

Reason 7 : Maya’s monologue


Mostly monologues are played under 20 seconds. It describes vulnerability of Monisha as daughter in law. How she doesn’t care about cleaning house, her bargaining, her food etc.  It plays with a specific background music. I swear you’ll never forget that tune.

Reason 8: Deaf Uncle


Most irritating character of Sarabhai vs Sarabhai is deaf Madhusudan Fufa. He has high self confidence. He  is exclusive character who irritates Indravadan Sarabhai.

Reason 9 : Practical Example


Just imagine that you’re one cover of toothpaste, and your body is paste. Your face is nib. And this whole package is Babool brand toothpaste. then think that I pressed you. How will your paste come out. It can’t why. Because Babool don’t have elasticity frequency to move around. That’s why use FakeStudent, I mean Papsoodent. Are  you freaked out. This is Monisha’s brother in law. He’ll make you conscious about which brand you’re using.

Reason 10 : The evil The Vampvamp

The most humorous guy in Serial is Indravadan Sarabhai. He is only supporter of Monisha in the house. He believes he is funny. And do stupid things.

Reason 10 : Adult Show

Let me be honest with you at last. This show isn’t 100% family show as mentioned anywhere in the internet. It teaches so much ways to hide extramarital affair. Almost except Monisha, all lead character had affair in story.  Some adult comic dialogues are perfectly timed and filmed. Foe me, last thing and first thing I want to do in my life is restart watching Sarabhai versus Sarabhai. You can totally understand the impact of this hindi serial in anyone’s life.

Reason 11 : To Start third season

After 9 years also, more people’ll watch old episodes. That’ll emphasize our voice to makers of Sarabhai to complete third season. So keep watch old season and keep requesting for a new season. At last tell three people to watch this series, and tell them to tell other three people to watch this series. That’s how, we’ll achieve our goal. Jai ho. 🙂

Reason 12 : The Superstition

The word superstition still gives goosebumps to us. Writer team of Sarabhai has put Tarot Card, magic mantras, hypnotism with a witty humor.





3 thoughts on “12 Reasons wHy Sarabhai vs Sarabhai is the best sitcom in Indian Television History

  1. I agree with this Man….I miss this show sooo much
    Write now in my head I can hear Roses Sarabhai words…
    Mere dil ki dhadkan ko sun…😂😂😂😂
    I think that sounds lame but I was an addict of this show😊😊😊😅😅😅😅

    Liked by 1 person

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