Russian cases solved by investigator Arkady Renko

Russian novels are great as a art of fiction. The way of representation of situation, solving mysteries are unique. Which I’ve noticed in novel “Three Station” That’s why, I thought why not, I write a review for this novel.

Title     : Three Stations

Genres : Crime Fiction

Author : Martin Cruz Smith

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How to select in drama audition

Today was a special day for me. My college arranged audition in drama for International Human Value Education. (I know this name doesn’t sound interesting, it definitely sounds like Miley Cyrus decided to wear decent cloths)

Drama is very important in life: you need to come on with a bang. You never want to go out with a whimper.

–Julia Child

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Parody of how BJP mla dragged out of Delhi assembly in his point of view Part-1

New Delhi Assembly, November 30

        Bjp MLA Vijendra Gupta the leader of opposition in Delhi assembly dragged out of assembly was dragged out of assembly because of XYZ reason. (Reasons don’t matter to me. I am an Indian, I just forward messages because one God has typed and ordered message in social network) imaginary story of how he had dragged out of assembly is mention here.

Disclaimer: Don’t click on read more link if you’re the intolerant citizen of India. Meaning of parody is over exaggerating some incidents. Please note.

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