Parody of how BJP mla dragged out of Delhi assembly in his point of view Part-1

New Delhi Assembly, November 30

        Bjp MLA Vijendra Gupta the leader of opposition in Delhi assembly dragged out of assembly was dragged out of assembly because of XYZ reason. (Reasons don’t matter to me. I am an Indian, I just forward messages because one God has typed and ordered message in social network) imaginary story of how he had dragged out of assembly is mention here.

Disclaimer: Don’t click on read more link if you’re the intolerant citizen of India. Meaning of parody is over exaggerating some incidents. Please note.


                         My Personal Diary

Date: 30/11/2015

Title: Uncouth, uncivilized, uncultured, unsophisticated behavior by Arvind Kejrival

10:00 am ¦ I woke up early in the morning. I made breakfast for my wife and after that I cleaned the kitchen.(Story of every men in the world, even politician 😦 )

10:59 am ¦ As I know, I needed to reach parliamentary house at 11 am and I am politician cum VIP (we’re always punctual. Media is spreading wrong news about us. Intolerant people). So I have decided to not to take bath for one day. Just one day, instead I applied deo.( I learned this trick from one engineer’s blog. Nice mind. #make in india).

11:05 am ¦ I opened my wardrobe. I thought, either I wear white kurta pajama or I wear white kutta and pajama. I was so much confused. Then I tossed my coin and finally decided to wear white kurta and pajama. Query 1: result-solved.

11:15 am ¦ I am so much concerned about my hairstyle.(You know, Hritk Roshan always follows my hairstyle in his movies. Don’t you know, check out cover photo) I applied Livon hairgain. It grows hair too much fast. You must use it (most importantly NRIs, don’t know they all are bald.)

11:30 am ¦ I opened my garage door.  Again I am confused. I know, you smelled my confusion. It is about car, right?  But this time I was so sure that, I directly jumped in my E class, world class, super class, my favorite, best in comfort, embedded with fan, the one and only Ambassador car.

12:15 pm ¦ I reached at my dream place to complete my whole life with my friends.(Although now I only have three friends over there.(on paper) ) Government driver parked my car.

12:25 pm ¦ I know my first duty as an elected member. I have to work for welfare of my people. So I decided to go to my office but wait, I heard some different noise by my perfect shaped nose.(Not Aamir Khan’s PK style, because it is intolerant) My smart mind found out source of the noise. (All politicians are smart. In my opinion the smartest one is Digvijaya Singh. I also followed him in Twitter) And the source of the voice is my stomach. I have worked too much. So don’t I deserve some nice food.

 12:30 pm ¦ I reached at canteen. I know, you don’t believe. I just walked to canteen. To stop pollution, I don’t pretend like Greenpeace India NGO. I was on diet. That’s why I decided to order something diet food. “Chotu, ku6 diet food de.” ( I hate child labour.) Chotu said “Download We don’t have diet food in menu.” That would take 1 hour. So I ordered, ” Chotu Vada pav, Bhajiya pav, dal vada, masala dhosa, uttapam, make in india paneer pizza(Indian Oily food). Three plates of each item. Don’t bring. Only one plate of Idly.( I am on diet.)

To be continued..

How Vijendra Gupta will dragged out of assembly. How will he approach to media. That’ll be written in next part.

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