How to grow hair on bald head

Try Livon Hair gain bro. It really works. Before 1 year, I was just like you.Β 

Once upon a time, I was bald and ugly;

that’s why people considered me old and bloody .

Then I saw Rahul Bose using this product. I thought, that piece of shit can grow hair everywhere then why not me. So I bought Livon from near grocery store named 60 characters long like Chaganbhai Maganbhai……..I don’t know how to use that product. So I opened nib forcefully and poured whole bottle on my head. You might say, I took a bath from it. Nothing changed for 1 minute, 1 hour, 1 day and finally one year.

Whole bunch of 17 years passed. Β Raghu started Roadied in India. So I thought why not I take a part in that competition. Some big miracle happened. My hair changed like Marilyn Manroe. I was amazed, how? Then I heard, I first time watched Rodie today and Raghu told ‘kya tu Rodie banoge, sale tu? *******’. (Raghu shouted at me, ” Will you become Roadie, basterd do you? , bad word..bad word…) Will you become Roadie. Instead of me my hair took it deeply. Moral of the story is. There is no moral. You read this until end means you’r that piece of shit who dont have any work and talk about intolerance in India.


11 thoughts on “How to grow hair on bald head

  1. I read it till the end, therefore, I am a piece of jobless shit. As jobless as the writer of this post.
    You are fun!! I don’t have to diplomatically write, *no offence meant* after telling anything. πŸ˜‚

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    1. My mom always recommend me to have military cut if I put in nice words. But my friends always laugh at me. and call me Shivaji The Boss and kinds of shit. After YouTube I knew, Sorabh Pant, the top stand up comedian in India. As you know I have empathy to him, I dedicated this post to him, so he can also have nice hair style as mine. True story

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