Russian cases solved by investigator Arkady Renko

Russian novels are great as a art of fiction. The way of representation of situation, solving mysteries are unique. Which I’ve noticed in novel “Three Station” That’s why, I thought why not, I write a review for this novel.

Title     : Three Stations

Genres : Crime Fiction

Author : Martin Cruz Smith

This novel is part of series. Arkady Renko, the investigator who has unique skills to solve cases. Distinct part of story is, there’re two stories going on parallel.

Story 1:

Novel starts with a migrant teenage mother Maya,  who had carried 1 week old child was traveling in train. She selected a last compartment of train to avoid interaction with common people.(Showed reality that people shill can’t accept something different than their perspective of normal)

One drunk soldier came in, she saw a teenage girl seating lonely in the compartment. To be proud of whole men’s generation, he tried to rape her.

(Smart and brave politicians’ would statement on this, ‘ Girl wanted to be raped, that’s why she seated alone in compartment.’ They can say statement like this in public, that shows their bravery and intelligence)

Unfortunately (off course for smart Indian politicians) some Aunty Leena had saved her from that monster. She slept because she was tired from travelling. When she woke up her baby was missing. She was at one of three station of Moscow. Identity and proof of baby  were also lost.

Russia is known for smart chess players. So story of Russia without a chess player is dull. A street guy called Zhenya, commonly knows as Genius. He is a hustler of chess game.

Being intelligent in the world full of foolish people is curse.

– Nonsense Writer

He was introvert in nature because of his smartness. He had seen Maya arguing with station master about her baby. Station master refused to believe or help her because she had no proof about baby. And wait, no one could believe ‘a 16 year old baby can have a baby.’ Zhenya tried to help her. He approached to her. First conversation between them was like ‘Awkward..awkward…….’. The curse for intelligent people. Zhenya fell in love with Maya immediately. He had broken his all rules for that unknown girl to protect and her and help her to find her baby. So read this novel to find out how that teenage couple workout in their relationship and did Zhenya find her baby back or not. With so many twists and turn.

Story 2:

Dead body of prostitute found in worker’s cabin.It’s obvious that police didn’t want to investigate further about dead prostitute. So they declared her death as a suicide. Inspector Arkady found it as a murder from clues. He tried to investigate it further but he was restricted and suspended by his senior Zurin. So how did he find the murderer and who had murdered her . read the fucking novel.

Connection between 2 stories:

Inspector Arkady saved Zhenya in past. So Arkady is like a mentor of Zhenya.

Interesting plots of novel:

  • The night life & underground life of Moscow.
  • There are many suspense in the story.(I don’t want be reason of spoiler)
  • Bankrupted billionaire ( In this novel, one character is nearly same as Vijay Malya. )

I enjoyed this novel a lot. I suppose, after reading this . You might also want get this book and read after reading this. I suppose. Thank you bear my words for 7 minutes. Have a good day.


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