Year 2015: A best year of my life

2015 year passed great for me. I learned many things from my mentors, friends and my family.

I met my mentor Leena mam. To be honest before I met mam, I frustrated swiftly, saw a world with no hope and kind of aggressive in nature. I learned a lot from mam. I learned to control over my frustrations, how to set goals in my life and most importantly listen to other person which I’ve never done in my life.

The most important person in my life is my best friend Nisang. He always helped me, no matter what is the problem and how busy he is in his schedule. He has always listened to me and always gave me right advice to me no matter how much bitter is that.

How can I forget my family. They always supported me in my all stupid and childish decisions. My dear faculty members of college, who bore my rude behavior. I want to thank all my friends who always helped and supported me.

I always think that I always get more than I deserved, that’s why I mess things up. I don’t know, how could I repay all the great person who helped me because I have nothing to give them other than an apology.

Through this blog, I want to thank them all and give them my best wishes to pass 2016 with great fun and joy.




4 thoughts on “Year 2015: A best year of my life

  1. The recognition you offer your friends and family along with the apology will likely go a long way to heal the hurt you many have caused. The beauty is, it is another new year with endless possibilities to make your life and others so much better. Focus on the positive and you will see 2016 surpass 2015 in happiness.

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