Me and my cycle story

I went for cycling for three days in raw. First of all I want to clap for my self. World’s most active person, sorry what I just said, idle..idle..dude..(that’s okay , you don’t need to call yourself idle three times, Kishan, sorry I mentioned four times by mentioning that ย I mentioned myself idle ๐Ÿ™‚ )

Rajkot Municipal Corporation has introduced free cycling service for all Rajkotians. Great work. So cycle depo is just 3 meters away from my home by walking. (I intentionally mentioned distance because I wanted pretend I’m a professional writer and I want to mention every details I saw, like I’m not man with blood but I am made of mechanical device and my legs are like censors, dude that’s 4 meters no they are 12 meters because I like 12 number, to be honest I don’t know how to calculate distance by my mind)

The intention behind cycle is obvious stay healthy. Other and main reason is it’s for free( Only middle class Indian person can understand that, ‘hey man, what’s price for this?’ ‘Sir, it’s complimentary.’ ‘what complimentary??!!’ ‘I mean, it’s free.’ ‘free..hayla….Chunnu, Munnu, Kanu, Munnu ki maa come here fast, just loot this free things.’)

Other things in which middle class people are good at daydreaming. They start dreaming before even things get started. I also dreamed about participating in national cyclist championships and win bronze medals, no wait that’s silver that one is old..just look and get jealous from my glittering new gold medal. Ya, it’s too much horrible and insane but that’s just me.

To be honest, in my school life, there was a under bridge which always bugged me and soaked all my energy. That’s why, I arranged funeral of my cycle and bought scooter. So whenever I cross under bridge, I can’t stop myself from thinking that, Under bridge you can be Mount Everest in front of me but my name is Sir Edmund Hillaryย and I’m going to climb you. So I crossed under bridge two days from three days.

As youngster, I don’t dream about any cars and bikes. I know,It’s not normal thing ๐Ÿ˜ฆ . I just want to buy one cycle and go to college in my cycle. Again being middle class, I just want to dream myself in cycle and my college bag. I hope this day will come soon.


2 thoughts on “Me and my cycle story

  1. When people want things bad enough, they work hard to achieve them. You may not succeed at first; persistence is essential to reach difficult goals. The only one who can interfere with this achievement is the individual him or herself. Good luck on your journey.

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