I stand alone

I put my head down and pretended; I lost in my own world

So please don’t find me through any white messenger bird

Instead I was really listening to all the words coming from all the direction

Moving around head to know each voice’s perception

Words were coming out of my mind

But my voice was quiet like a wind

I always wanted to reply something and join their                                        conversation

The more I thought about that more I became silent

I wanted to roam around all the place under sunshine

But my legs were buried like root of pine

To know tree also has life, stop myself to feel worse

Instead being happy I felt more remorse

I know, one day I’ll get life as I wanted distinct from crowd

that day I just close my eyes forever and make all other proud


Sorry all readers I know I am not a poet and don’t know how to write poetry, sorry I disappointed you all twice by writing sad and boring.



13 thoughts on “I stand alone

  1. Naturellement. Et que je n’ignorerai plus aujourd’hui. (Bon, j’avoue, pour nénuphar, je savais. Je suis réfractaire aux changements, semble-t-il, mea culpa).Enfin, j’ai du mal à trouver plus de poésie dans « ruissèle » que dans &l;psoa&nbsq;ruisselle&nbup;».


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