My Obsession towards white

White cushion, white bad, white wall paint, white tiles, white furniture everything around me was white. I didn’t know how I had been here, the last thing I remembered was my fight with my girl friend Jigisha at Crystal Mall. I smelled fragrance of lotus perfume from outside, (as my nose is better than any dog), some girl came in my room from white door, she wore white coat, white jeans, her red eyes extremely fairer complexion, 6 feet height and perfect figure defined by Newton’s law of attraction, in one word she was a Menka the Apsara and I wasn’t Vishvamitra because I looked like an alien, crimp face and longest hair in my head had 1 centimeter length.

‘Why am I here?’ I asked with looking into her big red eyes.

‘No questions, you have to follow me.’ and she left the room.

‘No explanation, she didn’t even took a glance at me, why all beautiful girls have attitude problem’ I thought in my mind.

I had no other option so I followed. She was walking too much fast, I tried to catch her but my body  wasn’t willing to, my family pack means belly was bouncing like a tennis ball and my head and leg had more than 30 centimeters distance.

‘Can you walk slowly, I would be grateful to you if you could.’ I was gasping.

She stopped there with a pause, she turned her face and her hairs touched my face, my doggy nose alarmed dove shampoo with white packet and white fluid liquid.

‘One hot, beautiful and most importantly white girl is standing in front of me and what am I thinking! just start the conversation, Karan you can do it, you are the one for her, she is waiting for you to speak something, just tell it Karan.’

‘W..what is your middle name?’ my charm, I knew, I am the most intelligent person in the world, now her father will definitely adopt a guy like me.

‘Hirenkumar Safedbhai Mafatlal’ How sweet and Safedbhai, Gujarati word ‘safed’ means white, her full family contagious to white.

‘Now come on Karan, she must be interested in you, that’s why she answered more than I ask, she knew I wanted to search name in Facebook and Instagram, your charm never failed.’ I again gave positive energy to myself.

‘I am student of IT engineering, what about you?’

There she was, she again widen up her big red eyes, she raised her right hand she joined her middle and index fingers  and she moved her thumb…shoot…shoot….shoot…..I understood, I am going to die because she is a killer, god damned I was fucked, how can I got into this trouble, my body was shivering and my legs were shaking but I never afraid of anyone in my life.

I am very brave person in my life, once in dreadful rainy night I was walking alone on haunted road, suddenly three dogs were running after me, I never dared to lions and dogs were like ant to me ‘Stay calm, and don’t push yourself, Karan.’ I assigned relief to myself.  I knew I wasn’t the bravest man on the earth, in mean time dogs were coming nearer to me, they were barking loudly, they wakened up the lion inside me, I screamed ‘I am the man’ and I ran and ran and ran until I saw the sun rise, whenever I recall that incident I feel there is still one brave man left in the world.

I was in my deep thought that’s why I couldn’t realize that I reached in one big white room, which contains white ceiling fan, portrait of white lady on walls, white waitress in white dress, white drawer with white money at cash counter, white solid 3 feet height cubes, for each cube four white chairs, she ordered me to sat there. Photos of white active, white Suzuki Access and white Maruti Wagon R were there on cube.

‘I asked you one question before.’ I said in low tone.

‘what? ’

‘Nothing.’ I opened my mouth, and moved my jaws and eyes in align to gave sign of unhappiness.

‘Oh, that question, I study my bachelor at WHITE institute. Do you know anything about white institute.’

‘Yes, I have seen website of your institute, and from the infrastructure, currently I am in the canteen of your institute.’

I continued ‘WHite Torturous Education, WHITE, an education institute which gives degree in  BTech , BE, BArch, BA, BCom in subject of white killer, admission criteria is too much high, it only accepts students and teachers which have minimum skin tone of 97% fair complexion, even sweepers have 93% white skin tone here, they want world with only white people, there pledge is like

Only buy a grocery from white trader

Only  get a loan from white lender

Only buy fair and lovely from white grocer

Only order visiting card from white maker

Only send friend request to white account holder

Only accept marriage proposal of white hacker

Only call a person who is white mobile-phone owner

Only take a lift from white activa driver

Only go to beach which has white life saver

Only ask out a girl who is white cloth wearer

Only visit a circus which has white joker

Only rub a face with white tone powder

White people…white people…will rock the world ever…’

‘You know Karan, we white people are minority in India, and all whitish Indian only like white people and white things, they only use our cosmetics like fair and lovely, ponds, white activa and access as a scooter, bride and girl friend which are white in complexion, only white car, and even only white girl friend, we don’t like the attention we get all the time, we have asked for reservation  for white people in all criteria, but we know whitish majority government will never give it to us, but as words written in our holy white book, we will kill all people who are not white, we hate whitish people, we don’t like them, because they are sweet, adorable, cute, smart, funny, nice sense of humor just like us. We don’t like them as obsessed with white, so we kill white obsessed whitish people especially boys, so mister your time is over.’

‘I give you two options for white death. First is white injection filled with white chemicals, you will cry in pain for 30 minutes, and after 30 minutes.’ she opened her eyes as much as she could and said ‘the game is over.’ Honestly, the scariest girl I had ever seen in my life is she.

‘What about other option.’ I asked hesitantly.

‘Good question, most people choose other option, headshot by a white bullet in white gun triggered by white experienced and trained shooter, you have 15 seconds of time to choose, otherwise first option will automatically selected, your time starts now.’ She smiled like vamp in TV serial.

I believed in my wit, I was sure I can get out of this trouble easily, once my teacher had asked me two question at viva ‘Give two names of current prime minister of India, otherwise I will fail you for this semester.’ Teacher has already decided to fail me but I also had stubborn personality, I thought and thought for five minutes and then bulb in my mind sparkled ‘India don’t have two prime ministers’ so I said it after five minutes, mam laughed five minutes exactly five minutes the time taken by me to answer, and mam passed me in that exam  with full marks, whenever I recalled that incident I feel like there is still one intelligent man left in the world, what happened to this world if I was never born, only that thought gave hard time to me and also to the whole world.

‘I am going for number two but please don’t kill me.’ My tongue slipped but my heart beats stopped at that moment because I am too much brave person.

‘Nice choice, I liked it.’ She came nearer to me, she touched my cheeks with her fingers, she moved her fingers of other hand on my hairs, there I was, my heart beats again lost its rhythm, she took out white handkerchief from her white pocket of her white jeans. Then she kissed on my forehead and whispered in my ear ‘Now you won’t feel pain, it will complete only in 10 seconds, you just stare at my white face.’

I observed him carefully as he walked to the door. I knew that time was running out but suppressed the urge to check my watch. I took a deep breath and started counting in reverse under my breath. ‘Ten, Nine, Eight, Seven…’ And I closed my eyes.

I heard a voice of bullet shot, I recalled the face of my mom, dad, grandfather and my girl friend at last time. I still didn’t open my eyes, then suddenly I heard some familiar voice, I opened my eyes and I spoke ‘What the fuck!’ Jigisha my girl friend and those white girl and boy were laughing. I cried.

Then I joined all the lost pages of all moments, at first moment I had a fight with my girl friend because she is whitish so mostly I stare other white girls in her presence also, I was obsessed in my life with all white things, so she had made this plan to teach me lesson, this all was one prank.

I bent on my knees, I took her palm between my right hand left hand ‘I understood your message, now onwards I will never judge any person or things from color, my sweetest love, maybe ugly, whitish, fool and dim light; not you baby me, will you marry me at most memorable day which I can never forget in my life.’

‘Yes, I will.’ She screamed in joy.

‘I, daughter of Hirenkumar Safedbhai Mafatlal’ she winked at me and I smiled back  ‘want to propose a toast in this happiest moment that…let’s order a white Idly and white Dhosa, we’re in canteen.’

‘No, never’ Jigisha and I spoke together.


I have written this story two months ago for Times Of India ‘Write India’ competition. I have written this short story in last night at the day of submission. It took me only one and half hour to write this story. It’s too much fast, I know. It’s not the thing, I could boast that, I had time of one month for national level competition but I only utilized 1.5 hour. That’s I am. I really hoped that time, I would get selected for great short story like this.(Sarcasm on me) without even grammatical or spellcheck. But dream on, Kishan. ps- sorry, if you really read this story till end.


10 thoughts on “My Obsession towards white

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  2. I wonder if you are truly obsessed with all things being white? If so, why? You know the saying, all things seem better on the other side of the pasture. This holds true, as people with pale skin -what the color of yours. Funny, huh? We should all love ourselves as we are -and love each other as they are. Then we will be free from the pull of color -and just be able to sit back and admire.

    It was a great story! I hope you win -and if you didn’t, I know you will, one day.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. My complexion is other words brown guy. I have written this story only to show affection of peoplr after white skin by satire.. You’re right color doesn’t matter, what matters is love..and thanks for heart touching review

      Liked by 1 person

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