The First Morning

5:oo am : My alarm rang. As a daughter in law, it’s my duty to wake up first before any other wake up. That’s what my mom told me. What a bullshit! Why in the earth, people wake up at the 5:00 am in the morning. I wanted to put my request in UN(United nations) to declare any early morning person as a terrorists and threat to any society, and give order of shoot at sight who wakes up in the early morning.

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Characters of Personal Diary Of Sizuka

Sizuka Mafatlal : As you all know my name. The lead character of series, ‘Peronal Diary Of Sizuka’. I would like to eat and sleep all the time. You can call it my hobbies. To be honest, all the free time, I read books and magazines. I am a book worm. You can call me nerdy Sizuka, if you like. Again if Nerdy is my first name then my last name would be daydreamer. I fantasize a lot. Ultimately my full name is Nerdy Daydreamer Sizuka.
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Personal diary of Sizuka

Hello readers, I am Sizuka. I am recently going to be married and I have to shift my home to husband’s house.(Freaking idiot, why don’t he shift to my house, then how would life be simpler, it’s all drag, the fool society)
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Readers, would you like to order some articles

Today, I went to hotel with my diary. Have you imagine anyone with diary at hotel? I certainly look like some kind of waiter. (anyways, waiters are always Indians) readers, would like to order something. I could post articles of your choice. Sarcasm is our specialty sir. Ingredients of sarcasm dish is over exaggerating and over reacting in small events. Sir I know this dish is literally over priced but is Shah Jahan thought for budget then how would he had built so wonderful place like Taj Mahal. I know sir none of my words, explains your question, but still readers would you like to order some articles, you can place order through comments. Thank you sirĀ and madamĀ for visiting.