Personal diary of Sizuka

Hello readers, I am Sizuka. I am recently going to be married and I have to shift my home to husband’s house.(Freaking idiot, why don’t he shift to my house, then how would life be simpler, it’s all drag, the fool society)

Above the all sacrifices I made, I have to impress that idiot’s mother and father. The last and first thing I want on earth is to kill this trio. ‘Sizuka, what have you cooked today! You know we don’t eat oily food in this house. Don’t bring your mother’s recipe here.’ And I was like, like I care what you like Diane.

So from now on wards I will publish articles of my personal diary about my new married life’s journey on every Friday.  And also I will upload introduction of characters of this series as well. So stay tune, and ask questions and suggestions freely in comment box of any married woman’s issues.

I know, all these words appears like plot of daily soap. But don’t worry, all posts will be worse than any daily soap, you hated in your whole life. Trust me. Ok I don’t want to give you more hopes, just stay tune to get updates.

First Episode Link : The First Morning

Characters Of This Series : CHaracters Of this Series



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