The First Morning

5:oo am : My alarm rang. As a daughter in law, it’s my duty to wake up first before any other wake up. That’s what my mom told me. What a bullshit! Why in the earth, people wake up at the 5:00 am in the morning. I wanted to put my request in UN(United nations) to declare any early morning person as a terrorists and threat to any society, and give order of shoot at sight who wakes up in the early morning.

5:05 am : The second thought, what will my mother in law would think about me. Sizuka is a intelligent person if only sleeping and eating is a definition of intelligence.  But as a wise person said, whenever you have second thoughts about some situations, then always decide to choose the first option. So I decided to sleep instead of waking up. (I know, you are wondering who is that wise person, mystery continues)

5: 05 to 10:05 am : Time to snore…….

10:05 am : I was in a pure harmony and living in my utopia world. and obviously dreaming, I was surrounded by water, seating in a boat. Because of mist, I couldn’t look too much far. What the hell, I spoke suddenly. I was riding a sea horse, it had ping and navy blue stripes, pointing face, and groovy tale, the most beautiful creature I have ever seen in my life. The horse was communicating with me in English. Hey beauty, what’s up. And he jumped into water. I closed my eyes and to my surprise. He was running on water. What a beauty on earth. The happiness never last long, as this quote suggested, big blue whale came in our way and I drowned in the sea. And again my eyes closed. When I opened my eyes, handsome prince was moving my face to wake me up. But I again closed my eyes because I want to feel his touch more. I felt his face is coming closer to my face, I took slight gaze to see what he is up to, without his notice certainly. He tried to speak, Sizuka…what oldie’s voice. I quickly opened my eyes and instead of my prince charming saw my ugly mother in law was standing in front of me. And smirking. And she asked, ‘ Have you got nice sleep, this night?’

10:07 am : ‘Off course, I was having a nice sleep bitch. You can’t come at any time and wake me up. I’m not your slave. You don’t have rights. I read history, I knew the path which Martin Luthar King took. I will protest. I can’t bear this racism by you.’ I thought to myself. She was still smiling at me. She drew me towards dining room.  My husband poured coffee in mug, he prepared sandwich. And served breakfast to me and Jyotsna. I was blushed and somewhat ashamed. What in the hell, have I made disastrous first impression in Mafatlal family. But I certainly knew one thing that, if you’ve choice that either you think about remorse or eat sandwich with coffee. A wise person always choose eating sandwich with coffee.  – Saint Confusious

10:10 am : I have to change my first impression. I will cook best food in the world for tonight’s dinner. But wait, I don’t know cooking other than maggie. Mom!! How will I survive here. Please god and readers help me for my next article in The Master Chef Sizuka and save my image.


For any kinds of suggestions and missing things and positive criticism are welcomed in comment sections.


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