A diary of an awkward asocial boy

Disclaimer: I’m writing something after a month, so read further at your own risk

Days and nights are passing like a speed of light, before even one flick eye millions of rays of chronos passed in the fourth direction. If we think in this period, what changes human occupied in their genetics is the question remain unsolved for scientists for centuries.

I know, you wanted to burst your head with wall frantically after reading above paragraph. Don’t worry, I was just warming up to start writing after so much time. Now coming to the point, I’m going to revel secrets of my life, so fasten up your seat belts and don’t snore like  dogs. Okay, enough weird chatter.

What are the characteristics of a nice friend? Can we count. The friend which led you towards the right path, act like a veteran guide and print their names in your heart which you can never erase. In no amount of time, they came closer to you that they fill all void of your hearts. Share all happiness, sadness, sleepiness, craziness with you like a baby kangaroo clinging in his mom’s stomach. He carries all your burden in his shoulder make us comfortable with listening to our issues without any complaints. Gives us the bitter truth no matter how bad it is.

Most people got one or two but here I am, God has blessed me with friends with whom I can share my feelings without any hesitation. Abhishek, Bhaumik, Jasmin, Jay, Karan, Krunal, Meet, Nathalal, Nayan, Niket, Nirav, Nisang, Parth and list never ends. They all are best friends of mine with whom I stored best memories of my life. There is one tendency lies with me. Once they all came enough closer to know me. I wanted to move far away from them. I want to disappear myself from their memories and fade like an animation effect of last slide in powerpoint. I remove all contacts from them. I fight with them or ignore them for no reason just to go far from their life. Accept evil fate or circumstances as an opportunity to cut contact with them. Just fascinate live a life like a ascetic of Hiamalaya and close myself in dreadful and dark cave all alone.

The purpose of my today’s post is to broadcast my gratitude to all my friends just to be in my life. They all made me better person as I am today. They taught me lessons of life which hadn’t written in books or get learned in prisoned classes of school or college. I know, I owe all my friends millions amount of money as many as stars in sky. I hope my words can pay a little amount to heal wounds which I made permanently in their life. You all guys are awesome. I wish I couldn’t be more like you all and follow you like a yellow minions. Yes, I would. Hell yeah.

Now to all my loyal blog readers, I mean only I, me and myself. Today, I got greatest news of my life. I’m going to visit assembly house of my state Gujarat. The place where 182 selected candidates from all our Gujarat seats and create the future of Gujarat. The place where I belong to and I seat as a stubborn seat clinger politician with help of my godfather Feviquick. I know, this visit is going to be awesome. And I will do stupidest and craziest things there. I am dancing right now just in thought of visit.[I am the greatest dancer cum dancing mentor in the world. It hence proves as teacher as student. You can see my work by watching Action Jaction. I trained Ajay Devgan with all my heart] . It hence proves as teacher as student. That’s enough for today. I love you all readers. Have a nice day.


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