How to change life with a rose tattoo

Life before having a tattoo :

Work  pressure, insecurity from terrorist attacks, anxiety from over work is a definition of living in 21st century. We’re so stressed out now that we can’t give time to our loved ones but instead our mind spoiled with anger. That’s why relationship issues creates from stupid reasons. Your partner, kids or parents continue complaining about, you don’t give me much time blah..blah.

Lifespan while thinking about having a tattoo

Just for five minutes, forget every stresses and tensions you have in this material world. Close your eyes, try to recall whatever things you love with simple rose. It gives you smile with a positive vibe. Isn’t it?

Just imagine, the five seconds of joy for lifetime. Tattoo isn’t mere symbol. It is a powerful chakra which is permanently attach to your heart 24 * 7 pumping  blood all over your body though vain.


Why do I have a rose tattoo

From ancient time to modern time rose is a symbol of love. A love, a experience, a expression that changes your life. Thorns of rose, symbol of sacrifice that only you can understand and listen by the voice of your soul.  It always be turvy-topsy to others but for you it’s ultimate self joy that makes you better person.


How to get a rose tattoo design

Just close your eyes and imagine a rose with color which best fit with you love and care most in the world. Snapshot it in your mind. And then try to draw a sketch of that snapshot  and go to best tattoo parlor.


Life with a rose tattoo

Rose portrait to your body isn’t simple tattoo. Trust me, it has a love, sacrifice, breeze just like real rose.



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