3 Days 3 Quotes : Day 2

Viewing deepest desire in your heart will give you neither knowledge nor truth.

-Albus Dumbledore

This line is based on Mirror of Erised in Harry Potter And The Philosopher’s Stone. Harry Potter series is more like Ramayan in my opinion. Where lead character, who is living his life to fulfill his famous name just like Ram as told in Indian mythology. Ram has got Laxman and Sita in forest, while Harry has got Ron and miss Granger in Hogwart School. Yay, found something similarity ..YAAAAAAAAAYYY. I’m just kidding.

Come back to the point, let’s decipher this quote. In story, Harry lost himself by watching his dead parents in Mirror of Erised. He has no longer interest in his daily life, he stopped talking to friends and became more miserable than ever.

If we compare this with non-fictional character’s like us. This thing couldn’t apply to us. Right? Rationally speaking, we’re muggles and Harry Potter is not a Robinhood who’ll steal Mirror of Erised and give it to us. (Seriously, I wish, It would not be true..sighs) Am I right? Definitely not. We have got super imagination power, trillions of terabytes of memory in brain and some modern 21st century add-ons like cellphones, social network. We know deepest desire of our heart because we know more than anyone other mirror or anything would know. Right?. Like in my case I want to become prime minister of India and I didn’t even join politics yet or my grandpa died because of cancer when I was just 3 months old. You all have somethings desires like me. Recalling them all the time, became hopeless, pathetic are going to change anything or not?

In my opinion really not. Thinking about things why world is not going in my man will make things worse. A 101% happy man is a myth. Everyone has some regrets, mistakes in life but we have to learn to live with it happily. Just move with the flow is my motto. I am sure one day, I’ll join politics and learn new things and I hope you too will achieve success as your hard work and ย passion. And I hope you disliked this horrible and pathetic post. Have a good night and marry Christmas. (never mind)


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