3 days 3 quotes : last day

This is a last day of a glory. As my fellow bloggers who had once gone through this challenge and have written these challenges way better than I ever could. What a decent quotes by famous personalities like Gandhiji, Martin Luther King, Paulo Coelho and here I am. Choosing childish Harry Potter and stupid Murphy’s law. So this is my last chance to improve my impression in blogging world by putting decent plot by a decent great person. I was really confused at first, then I made a list of decent persons and  by short down one to one, I have found a most decent decent person of century. Yes, you’re hearing right. He is right with you. Just close your eyes and open it and continue this activity twice and you’ll find nothing. Because nice place to find him is by just scrolling down because now your waiting period is over. And he is………….>


Jim Carry. A most decent person of the century, as you can see his decency and sense of humor in above picture. Let’s move on to his quote.


Desperation: to buy a toy in childhood, to get a new cellphone in adolescent, to get a girl you love in young age to achieve success in profession. Desperation is present in every single part of our soul. Desperation to crack a joke in class, desperation to do stupid things for getting notice isn’t teenagers do this. Whatever we learnt, achieved success until now, don’t you think desperation has done major role in it. The main point about desperation is it always breaks boundary set by others about us and bring a new version of ourselves that no one has ever imagined. It will always stop you from taking rest and keep pushing you towards uncounted hours of fresh work.

That’s enough from my side on quotes. And about my list of decent people whose quote I was going to use. They are Rahul Gandhi(G for Genius), Narendra Modi, Arving Kejriwal, Sakshi Maharaj, Sorabh Pant, Rahul Mahajan(another Rahul), again Rahul(Shahrukh Khan’s favorite name in Movies), Rahul Bose(Brand Ambassador of Livon Hair care), Shakti Kapoor and don’t forget to pen it down Sunil Shetty(less Shetty of Shitty).

So to continue this hierarchical 3 days 3 quotes challenge, I further nominate  my two friends on wordpess. Don’t worry you just need to thank who nominate you(don’t by using abusing words) and mainly pin it down some nice quote as you like.

  1. Parth Ramoliya
  2. Krunal Gadhiya

At last thank you so much Harshi for giving me such a wonderful opportunity. I really owe you one.























































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