From Heaven to havoc: graveyard of INC

Accidentally while I was high last night that I made a mistake and the result came out of it was unfortunately positive as I was told by my friend. No, Sonia Gandhi, no. Don’t be empathetic to her.

As we are talking about Mrs Gandhi. Currently party led by her is also known as “INDIAN NOTORIOUS COMEDY

INS name is  more look like a title of comedy show. Believe me, it has more comedian than any reality shows. I’m just kidding. The full form of INC is Indian National Congress. As peculiar name suggests, INC is doing outstanding work in parliament. By outstanding work I never meant work done Mahatma Gandhiji, Jawaharlal Nehru, Sardar Patel and last one Netaji Subash Chandra Bose. Sorry about last one Congress. I believe Subhash Chandra Bose was a doomsayer too. Surely after reading further paragraph you’ll ask Wikipedia to add his qualities as a doomsayer.

[As a digress writer I’m presenting my imaginative conversation between Subhash Chandra Bose and Mahatma Gandhiji. Dill Tham ke Bethiye dosto, ye apko milenga sirf issi blog pe.(Put your hands on your heart, you’ll find nonsense stuff only on this blog)

Nettaji: “Dude, I know INC is going to get fucked up in 21st century. I’m seeing one guy in crystal ball..wait, wait two they are two who are ruling over Delhi. One has a really loud voice. Must be Gujarati from my experience.

Gandhiji:” Not all Gujarati has loud voice, Subhas. Don’t be like stereotypes. And Gujarati, wooow. He must be my decedent. Please tell, that his name is Rahul. Rahul must be cool name in 21st century.” (Don’t question on Gandhis, you fool)

Netaji: You are lucky man. He is not Gandhi but he is a really good orator. His favorite word is  ‘Maaiiiitroon'[FRIENDS]. It really does sound like cow. Maaaaiiii. Isn’t it interesting. Wait I can see other ruler of Delhi in my crystal ball. What! isn’t he wearing a muffler in summer. I swear that isn’t weird part at all. Some attendants on his public speech are wearing shoes on his hands. (Deep sighs) Delhi people , you can never predict.”] To give you proof why this conversation is real. Netaji left INC  in 1939 just after this conversation.

Gandhiji: “Son of a bitch, I envy him. He is a true doomsayer.”(As Gandhiji told to our nonsense reporter from heaven )

In 21st century INC is in good hands. He is in hands of young , energetic , smart looking guy.(That’s how John Oliver introduced him, don’t blame me on his episode of election in India) Guess, who is he?  Smart readers, you can never guess that as a Rahul Gandhi. I might think as being a news comedian John has got nice sense in how to know a comedian by just looking at him. To prove his point, I’m going to give live example. only on this blog. Read on.


Don’t dare to search this. Otherwise you’ll get die of laughter. Congress-ions might think Google is jinxed and started by some shitty old aged guy but Rahul Gandhi is a young guy. Yes, he is. Only 45 years. Where average parliament age is 54 years.  That is great. Right? But I don’t think so. Do you believe that, 60 years old people, would like to put his hands in burning issues concerns to youth of India. Will he try to solve problems of Teenagers, young people. Or he is only dreaming about pensions and LIC policies. Digvijay Singh you don’t include in this menu. Digvijay Singh is so young that he would marry Kareena Kapoor in 3 Idiots part 2 on his first year of engineering only. Can’t wait for three years. I like you old guy. Seriously, who can call him old.

In current winter parliamentary session. INC is doing great job as opposition party. Just like chanting Maafi mango, maafi mango”(Apologize, apologize) and “Samvidhan ka apmaan bandh bandh karo, bandh karo”(Stop insult of constitution).  I know, personal allegation against someone is unbearable but stopping parliamentary session for it is a stupid thing because parliamentary session are really important part in our constitution. In past when INC was in power, they have used power to shame Mr. Narendra Modi if you can remember. As our history of parliamentary house they are doing same as you behaved to them while you were in power. Tit for tat. In reality our parliamentary house is child play for national parties. Their favorite games are chor-police.(thief-cop) That’s why we have rapist, killer like decent citizen as members of parliament.  It’s just for the game.

As we all know, INC has really got a great history. And I still believe Congress has really hot great talents inside party. I really still believe that Congress will reincarnate just like Phoenix  bird. Don’t we respect Gandhiji, Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad and all. And I really should apologize to all people I have made fun of in this post. I really not have any kind of prejudice of anyone. I know, they all are great leaders and they will make India shine on solar orbit.

How could be INC more funnier than now. Right? Rahul Gandhi is epitome of funny politician. Can you think anyone more funnier than  Mr. Rahul. Donald Trump? Right? Unfortunately we don’t make fun of white guys as they ruled over India for 200 years. They’re still great. Still if they want to be more funnier than Mr. Donald Duck. Make Kamal R. Khan(KRK) president of INC. Pseudo Secular Bhakts you don’t have answer for this. Can you imagine KRK as a president of INC. I’ll definitely cover in my other post.

To answer my mistake, I was watching game of thrones late in the night. So my mind was so high in the morning. And you know all mothers, she ordered me to clean my bedroom.  MOMS. And as you all had figured it out. I didn’t. You know, all Mother’s nature. Without waiting for me to clean the bedroom. She cleaned by herself and found her lost gold bangles. Isn’t this result is positive. I know, how you felt. Cheated right. Please don’t comment, Maafi mango, maafi mango”(Apologize, apologize) and “room clean na karne ka Samvidhan ka apmaan bandh bandh karo, bandh karo”(Stop insult of constitution by not cleaning the room)  I really should think every mom in India should be brand ambassador of Swaach Bharat(clean India). God bless their child for obsession their behind cleanliness .

That’s it for my first political post. Hopefully not last if I stay alive.

At last I’m proud to announce that this post is selected as spicy post of week on Saturay. by BLOGADDA. God bless India.


28 thoughts on “From Heaven to havoc: graveyard of INC

        1. I also know, that politics is boring for lots of people. To be fare my other politics posts are pretty boring for me too. I just wanted to make this post funny. so that everybody can read it in a fun way. Like conversation between Gandhiji and Subhash Chandra Bose like a thug life and all

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  1. The plight of Indian Congress now is really pathetic to say the lest. Th ere are good leaders in Cong. but they’ll have to come out from the invisible shadow of Gandhi family. The scam tainted Cong. has really made its stature still more in dolldrums.

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Thanks a lot for your most relevant comments. There are the parties which have good leadership but Cog. though is having good leaders but are not being given opportunities to head the party and prove their mite. They cannot think beyond Sonia and RAHUL etc. :))

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        1. Rahul Gandhi is nich though. He is not married. Can you imagiane another Gandhi ruling this country? And above the all son or daughter of “King of audiences good laughs” Albert Eienstines’s distant nephew Rahul Gandhi. God, take of my eyes before this comment jinxes to true.

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          1. If this truly happens then our country would have bad days ahead of us. We want a Government which provides us equal opportunities of employment, development in agri and industry etc. Lets see which way the wind blows. :))

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            1. I think,we need to come further to take what is righteous to us. why do we depend on government, we’re independent citizen of Repblic Of India. The main issue with Indians is we rely more on rulers. Job, education, food is our right not government is paying money from TAX. The way they treat people, our government or me has done and that, it’s really shitty.

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              1. We as civilized people cannot function in isolation. We need to have modicum or order in our to run the affairs of the country. Fact stand out that our elected members should perform all their functions with a sense of purpose and use their power in ridding the people of the drawbacks which bedevil our soiety.

                More so, the people themselves are responsible for choosing their reps and while doing so, they should first of all introspect to whom to give their vote(s) who could govern them and work for the upliftment of the society besides being upright in their character because the power makes some politicians to lose their moorings and they resort to unethical acts by their acts of omissions and commissions. :))

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                  1. We like our rights but when it comes to ‘responsibilities’ we are not much interested in it. We whine when somebody usurps our rights but remain mute when the question of our duties arise. :))

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                    1. It’s indeed a human nature. We blame others because of our own mistakes. If we really want to changes, stop blaming politicians and civil servant. And take a step ahead and join them and make India better place.

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                    2. In one of my write ups, I’ve penned down; EVERYTHING STARTS WITH YOU AND ENDS WITH YOU; meaning if you want change first of all change yourself. Everything around will change itself and if it does not change then NATURE which does not forgive anybody; even GOD, then IT will change unchangeable. Thanks. God bless you.

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