New target of Subramaniam : Raghuram Rajan

Raghuram Rajan isn’t patriotic because, he has a US citizenship.

Quoted by a child

Have you read quoted sentence above. Don’t you really believe me, this sentence is actually written by a child or foolish person like this nonsense blogger and every other viewers of Ekta Kapoor serials. If I hadn’t cleared by that title that this sentence is said by Mr. Swami. You wouldn’t believe me. Right?

Mr. Swami is a great guy. An independent guy who believes in individualism not in blind followers like today’s most of tweeter and facebook users. He is shrewd guy who has studied   PhD in economics from Harward university. See, I know, some of you have might noticed the nonsense writer of this blog didn’t even know true spelling of Harvard University. If you haven’t noticed that mistake. We’ll take together admission at IIPM and build great future of India from our daddy’s bank balance. So my point was, before I try to prove his statement isn’t right. I don’t want my audience to be skeptic towards Mr. Swami.

Now, coming to the point. Now, the person who is tried to sack from his post as a RBI governor by MR. Swami, Mr. Rajan has an education carrier which every science student in India has once dreamed about. Like first dream is to get admission in IIT. Out of 1 million student who has given entrance test for IIT only 10 thousand students get admission. So success ration is 1 out of 100 excluding quotas. So can you imagine this guy has studied in IIT-D, IIM-A and above the all business school MIT. How could you do this to us?

I don’t want my parents to give examples, Hey Kishan you know our neighbor’s child Raghu. He is studying in MIT and you are collecting trophies for tremendous result by  KTs and backlogs and rams. I envy him. Not only me, all the guy who has once studied science stream hate him for his educational success but in a good way.

In August 2013, Raghuram Rajan became 23rd governor of reserve bank of India. To show, how he changed Indian economy. There are some numbers.

Before Mr Rajan  become governor of India : inflation rate :  9.52% : economy growth : 5.6%

After Mr. Rajan  become  governor  of India  : inflation rate : 5.6%  :  economy growth : 7.6%

I’m not any kind of expert of economy but these numbers are convincing to me as well as my readers. It’s because of his experience and knowledge Indian economy is subtly stable compare to others.

Do you remember. Raghu Ram who is running a NGO. He runs his show where he gives bikes to uneducated north Indian guys, who has a really good dictionary which words civilize people often spoke in their normal language. Like, f**k, B*********d, ..*****************.  So Raghu Ram gives happiness to mothers who had once thought their child is a failure. While this Raghuram spreads happiness to our mother India and feel her proud by improving economy who had once thought India is mistake after independence because there are some good politicians in parliament who are rapists, slayers  and scam-mist.

I believe, we all agree that we need a intelligent guy like Raghuram as a governor of RBI and he need enough freedom to improvise issues related to banking sector. And arguing about his US citizenship is mere foolishness and waste of time and technology,  I suppose.

This post is rewritten from originally posted in editorial of TOI. Before posting this post, I wasn’t quite sure because I don’t know that this kinds of post come under plagiarism or not. You can say in comment section so that I can remove post from this blog.


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