360 perspective of Veer Savarkar

Savarkar guy, I know, you know or recognize that guy as a one of a freedom fighter of India who took violent way. There is not much details given in textbook other than his great escapade from ship. He dived from ship at height of  30 Meters and survived and reached Marseille port. Unfortunately, he got caught by French and French gave Savarkar to British which is against international law. That’s how he got the title of  Veer(brave) Savarkar. You can read more from click here and contradictory story click here.

If you ever get in contact with ‘some Hindu organization’, which fortunately I got one because I’m studying in religious college and I heard about him as a one and only almighty hero who was only trying to bring independence in India in only true way other leaders like Gandhiji and Sardar Patel were fools in compare to Savarkar. There is one another story Did Veer Savarkar cut a deal with British at Kala-Paani? Here, we can see two kinds of answer about how he was coward and betrayed other prisoners.

So, all his life has a two perspectives which are at 180′ level. This is not why I intended to write seriously boring post that all my readers fall asleep while reading it.

Veer Savarkar


Reading about controversial issues will neither give you knowledge nor wisdom.

-Nonsense Nerd

To understand true nature of any person check his childhood. It show his true color of nature and attitude of a person. So I’m sharing Vinayak Damodar Savarkar’s childhood story with 360 perspective. 

Savarkar and some of his friends were playing in veranda. They noticed that one snake came near to him. It’s our instinct that as a person, when we see a snake. We don’t look out for a cow and give milk to snake. We’ll run and run without looking at our back until we reach home. Savarkar’s all other friends do the same. They ran away. Unfortunately one of his friend was crippled and fortunately for snake he was going nearer to him. What Savarkar have done, can you imagine? He went nearer to snake. He didn’t flick his eyes from the snake and crushed snake under his foot.

This situation shows how intrepid(fearless) Savarkar guy was. But, wait but (I hate buts it always bring us to our uninteresting parts. BUTTS ..huh : -( ). Let’s study both perspective.

Positive Perspective

British were really brutal in India. They were literally looting vault of India. Nearly 3 million Bangalis died in Bangal because of drought because British had taken away reserved food stock for war-reserve and let them die worst than any animal butchered in 1943. These are one of the case of how Britishers show no mercy to Indians.

If you think the way, Savarkar might carried that crippled boy on his shoulder and ran away. Right? The righteous thing to do for the snake and crippled boy. That makes really sense.

Butt…imagine that snake as British government, crippled guy as a common Indian citizen and that veranda as an  India. The Britishers were killing Indians on his own soil. Same as snake killing crippled guy on his own veranda. And believe me. common Indian citizen were pathetic than crippled guy. I don’t need to tell you why.

So think? Now can you say, at that time killing that snake was ruthless. No, I dare say. It wan’t. That snake was meant to be killed because of his karma. The saving of child is more important to give inspiration to that child that

“No, you don’t need to scare and crippled anymore. You need to get start fight for your own cause instead of pleading to snake for merriest. Because snake is never going to save you. It’s in his nature that sooner or later snake is going to bite.”

That might be message from Savarkar from that occasion. Which Indian didn’t learn in 2016 also. I don’t want to go in negative part. You all know about that.

Savarkar and Hindu organization

The way they represent how almighty is mere exaggeration. It’s actually attack to any freedom fighter’s dignity. Brainwashing and crowd appeasement aren’t only way to make your line longer.

Savarkar and colonial loving people’s claim about how he was coward and unpatriotic

It’s a shame that even in 2016 colonial people are leaving in India. To the, dude read the history, British left India in 1947 clean your mind which is full of junks. I know, there is a fault in our stars. Butt, noone is perfect. Just look in your won soul. Have you lived perfect life without any mistake. Then you’re relative to Mr. Pappu. That says all. You don’t know your mistakes.

Savarkar Quote


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