How to lose weight by walking

I go to morning walk  daily whether it is national holiday like Diwali or Gandhi Jayanti. I am a man with rules and ethics. So my fascination was to go for jogging at Race-course in Rajkot. Race cource is a great place in Rajkot. Which is surrounded by cricket, hockey, football, athletics grounds, swimming pool, library, science center and two beautiful gardens.

‘Every actions have specific intentions inside brain’

– ‘Nonsense Nerd’

So my intention for going to jogging is to burn calories, look healthier and most importantly skinny.  My mindset was like “Hey Kishan, you’re the man. I know, you’ll daily walk at 6 o’ clock in the morning. For that you must need to sleep at 9 o’ clock in the morning. You can do it.

Yesterday, I went to bed at 9 o’clock in the evening. With blessings holy mother of God, I had got dreaming  “I am running at track like Usain Bolt. My speed is more than air and wait everyone is noticing me. I lost 2 size of weast in just two day.”

I still didn’t get any kind of sleep because I am a night person. I thought “I am a man of 21st century. I can’t go for a walk like a dumb normal person who even can’t enter wifi password in their mobile phone.”

That’s why I unlocked my pattern of my mobile phone.(Mobile phone without protection is like a ISIS without weapons: what the hell wrong with this comparison? I know, it doesn’t match, just wanted to bring IS in my blog to act like professional news channels and pages.) I clicked on Google Playstore. And see, there are thousands of applications for fitness. I felt confused. I opened 5-6  applications from the top. I read reviews and descriptions. Finally, I selected one application  from the top.

I installed that application. And holy f##k. My mind constantly bugging me that other one with highest point must be better than this. Kishan, you should use that application. I installed other application. And what? welcomed screen appeared. I knew, this was the reward of my hard work. Count down time, Kishan, you’re going to loose your weight soon.

You must register before using this app. “What, I can’t use this fancy application without registration. Am I a hacker or a homeless guy approaching to five star hotel?” I inhaled. “You’ve reached so far major.Now, you can’t fall back. Sir Kishan, just do it.” I registered.

I saw time in watch. It said 1 p.m.. Now, I need to sleep. Otherwise I can’t wake up.  I put alarm of 5:30, 5:35 incremented by 5 minutes until 7:30 pm. I decided “I Kishan Thakar Take an oath that whether sun rise in in the east and rest in the west, you’ll go for a walk today.“(No sarcasm, all things are true.But wait, search on Google, these days we also can’t belive that I have spelled my name right or wrong. wait, I’ll search that on Google)

I woke at 4:30 in the morning.(You can also say night, your life your choice) I opened alarm application. I deleted all alarm and went to sleep again.

So in short I tried to sleep earlier, researched and downloaded apps. And I didn’t go for a walk. So, my fascination doesn’t changed into realty. Life continues.


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