Humorous Day 28/06/16




Month of June is officially declared as black month in history of Europe. (The Offcial is founder member of revolutionary blog Kishan Thakar, so true(That must be your comment idiots)) First as we all know Britain has left EU and saved 350 Million Pound to Eu (Our Unofficial Reporter Officially proclaim  that that money is going to aid BBC for shut down his lazy mouth and save world from lazy and boring British News anchors (so true)). So day of BREXIT’ll known as independence day. (This news is officialese by descendant of  Sir Newton. They also hate and don’t follow Einstein’s theory of relativity. First and main reason he is not British and second of all he has a funny hairstyle and British people don’t believe to do or follow any kind of fun – Racist Quote 0000001)

2. Messi leaves Argentina’s soccer team


See, no doubt why Messi is showing his back to Argentina.  The reason behind Messi left Argentina’s soccer team is because of Argentina Soccer Team Management’s officials(again the official, I suggest there would be a movie based on Official just like Conjuring). I felt like winning and losing is part of the game and one’s individual performance decides he should or shouldn’t be on team. But this is football (I don’t know how people get too much excited by only watching game from stadium as a spectator and pickup fight. Their genes must be mixed up with dogs, fucking mutants. X-MEN Please save the world, oh don’t mind, you’re mutants too. Jay Shree Krishna Mota Bhai)


BABY BY Justine BabyBoy has become most disliked video of Youtube

Justin Biber is extremely talented and experienced singer one music industry has ever got in 21st century. Unfortunately his song BABY which is highly recommend of collection for philharmonic and down-voted by uncouth, fool and people who doesn’t have knowledge of music has down-voted with number of 6.4 million. No, this is a pure bullshit. First thing you need to do after watching this video is login to your google account and dislike this video. That’s the best social service you’ve ever done in your life. I swear, because I feel that in my hear after doing that. All the best and don’t stop until it doesn’t become 64 million.



First prime minister of India (of-course after independence from BREXIT) has given his interview to famous and loud mouthed TV reporter Arnab Goswami. There are many funny things about this interview that I’m definitely going to cover in full article of cource in a funny way. Stay tune.



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