Romeo And Juliet….Relationships Redifined


Thanks to blogger Antara Nandi, I’ve reached to this beautiful but thoughtful but senti-ful but plentiful and written by a fool quote.

Romeo and Juliet weren’t lucky they were born between 15-17th century..when there were no internet and they died because. of love(so heart breaking…like heart made up of chains). If they were born internet period they would’ve met on facebook, start chat on insta, committed because of whatsapp and downloaded stickers of their Chunnu and Munnu (their child names) on Hike and broke up to each other because of found cheating on each other on snapchat. After 10 days..found new Romeo or new Juliet and #eat #chat #relationship #breakUp #repeat


8 thoughts on “Romeo And Juliet….Relationships Redifined

    1. you’re right about maybe. because it couldn’t be only snapchat. anyways thanks for complement to my post. My post would really appreciate that. And my post liked your blog too.


              1. hahahahhahahahahahahhahhahahha……. surely it will make india a better place as we people can have our voice up by the means of blogging. but to be true your blog has a nice name rather attractive name SENSE IN NONSENSE. nice choice..:) πŸ™‚

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