Funny News : Blast At Istanbul : New Xbox One : 29/06/16

Indternational News

Blast At Istanbul : Really Turkey is on fire

Who left the gas on? Who..who..who.. John, now how’re we going to celebrate Christmas. This is our first Christmas together. I’ve only given you 1 responsibility and sobs) [behind every women’s failure in cooking there’s a man]

Terrorists’re becoming smarter day by day.  Yes, Charles Darvin. We’re giving credit to you.  Three terrorists had reached to airport with TAXI. Just like Deadpool movie. Unfortunately they hadn’t forgotten to bring guns and ammo.

What happened at the airport door, read in just three lines

Terrorist 1: Let’s shoot and kill 32 people

Terrorist 2: Blast ourselves and become martyrs

Terrorist 3: cool

[yes, wise reader. There were 3 terrorists]

Erdogan Call

The street dog made a poop in my house. I urge to all my western neighbor to come together and clean the poop for me. We’ll fight united, until all dogs pooping.

Enough sarcasm, 12th president of Turkey Erdogan had urged all the country to fight for terrorism in Turkey. Despite being the fact that Istanbul had received many gift for terrorists in months. Like 12 Germans died in heart of the city and list is so long I don’t want to bore my readers.

The simple fact , one need to clean mess in his own house is himself. He can’t urge his neighbors to do cleaning process for him. No Jim, that’s not possible.

New Microsoft Xbox One’re going to kill men


(Spoilers alert : for who hasn’t watched season 6 finale)

As Cercei has seated on Iron Throne. She decided to kill all the people who had made comment about her about she isn’t righteous and how RR Martin can do this. Valar Morghulis.

Bill Gates: What can I do for you mam?

Cercei: I’ve plan. Make Xbox One in Game of Throne Series.

Bill Gates: Why?

Cercei: Don’t you know. There is a game in Game Of Thrones.(worst joke of the day)

Bill: Cool.

This Xbox One is going to give by contest on social media. Yay..Game of thrones fans. Don’t get too much excited I’ve some sad news for you. Read link below.






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