School Life Nostalgia

Disclaimer: The teacher in the picture may be looking like a lady, but actually she is not. I didn’t get that kind of picture that had a male teacher. Feminists who would show intolerance and would claim that I am disrespecting the whole”female” race, please take a note.๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

On a usual day , it was raining outside and a question was raised in our Social Studies lecture by Devasya sir who was nicknamed as โ€˜cartoonโ€™ with #respect that why the death rate in India in the early 20thย  century was much more than that during the later period of the same. Honestly, no one was interested in answering that question, in fact, none were interested in listening to what โ€œCartoonโ€ was saying, but it wasnโ€™t our fault.

The beauty of the atmosphere attracted every person, especially, the chirping of birds, greenery in its full charisma, water droplets diving from the tree leaves in a chronic manner and not to forget or ignore the frequency of electricity cutoffs. It sounded like the atmosphere was lavishly spreading her beauty, as if she were a girl in her teens, showing off her pretty perky pink top upto her knees in vanity, her round silver earings, her sapphire pyjamas, her lips and most importantly the smile she wore that would make anyone bite on her cheeks. They say, that to know the present better, you need to know the history . But in our case these all sayings turned fake and the miraculous nature proved to be real.

And in this majestic atmosphere, Devasya sir, our S.S teacher, making us learn so soporific history, wearing his pants up to his chest which ended barely to his ankle, sleeves not starting from his shoulders which gave him adverse fitting , giving absolute justice to his nickname โ€˜Cartoonโ€™, starred at the students as if he knew that he was being ignored, and started to look annoyed, when I ,not uncommon from my classmates or my friends, but was a bit different as I was enthufooliastic(enthusiastic fool),looked at one of my best friends and bench mate Nisang, giving him expressions that I probably knew the answer. He being too mischievous, encouraged me to answer.

My classmates never discouraged me to answer as it mostly became a factor of humour among them and I too appreciated that quality in me. So I raised my finger to answer sirโ€™s question. Sir noticed me and found my answer that the death rate was more because of the freedom movements taking place in the early 20thย century in India. It could have been better if I would have ignored that encouragement and knew its reason. As I was done answering, sir looked shocked and annoyed at me and the whole class and shouted โ€œ Is this the way I teach you all in class, you morons , look at you all ,look at this guy ,he has been sleeping through this whole lecture on the first bench. You all get out. Get out of my class!!โ€ and that was all that my friends wanted. All jumped out of their benches as if any snake had come up under. All thanked me and when I saw Nisangโ€™s face, he winked and then I knew that it was his plan for encouraging me and I too appreciated him by winking him back. And then from nowhere came KT, our own Kishan Thakar who slapped our asses to make us do something stupid.


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