My experience Of Murphy’s Law


To some of the readers… who doesn’t know Murphy’s Law ..

If anything happens wrong, it will.

Some of you might not believe that Murphy’s law is a nonsense. Murphy was an old, ugly, roasted, fool bastard, whose wife cheated on her and she took his house, car and without clothes she put her in a haunted central park. If you had believed that, believe me we were on same page.

Today was a historical day. AFTER SO MANY DAYS I WAS GOING TO START MY COLLEGE PROJECT. I really got so many ideas to work for and fortunately enough time I hadn’t in the week. In my mind, I was forming all different plans in my mind palace just like Sherlock Holmes. Want to read my mind palace.

Kishan’s self 1: should we start our project yet?

Kishan’ self 2 : no, we need to check all necessary things regarding to project.

Kishan’s self 1: snacks

Kishan’s self 2: which?

Kishan’s self 1: chips

Kishan’s self 2: check

Kishan’s self 1: pizza

Kishan’s self 2: check

Kishan’s self 1: cold drink

Kishan’s self 2: check

Kishan’s self  1: cow

Kishan’s self 2: how?

Kishan’s self 1: for drinking milk bro

Kishan’ self 2: stinking giant rumbling animal, check.

Kishan’s self 1: water

Kishan’s self 2: don’t ask for goddamn water dam just like milk and cow dude. water bottle, check.

Kishan’s self 1: cellphone

Kishan’s self 2: check

Kishan’s self 1: wifi with internet connection

Kishan’s self 2: check

Kishan’s self 1: electricity

Kishan’s self 2: check

Kishan’s self 1: laptop with charger

Kishan’s self 2: check

Kishan’s self 1: time to start project

Kishan’s self 2: clicking on power button, expected time to start project laptop is 5 seconds. Start count down

Kishan’s self 1: 5

Kishan’s self 2: 4

Kishan’s self 1: 3

Kishan’s self 2: 2

Kishan’s self 1: 1

Kishan’s self 2: what

Kishan’s self 1: THE FUCK!!!

after all that preparation, when I started my laptop. I got window blue screen error. Now, ask yourself. Don’t you believe Murphy’s law.

I’ve put book of Murphy’s law besides Bible, Gita and Kuran in my house. Don’t ever try to defy Murphy’s law. I would say believe in Murphy’s law just like you believe in Bible, Gita or Kuran. Murphy’s law is like a God who asks for unquestionable faith.  Otherwise you can be next victim of cruelty of Murphy’s law.

If you have any story to share regarding Murphy’s law. You must share. Because you don’t know, you’re making world a better place by sharing your knowledge of Murphy’s las the bible the gita and the kuran of Nature.


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