How WordPress Pay Money To Users

This week’s hottest topic in India was seventh pay commission. Anyhow Indian government officials didn’t like that proposal.

In few words update about seventh pay commission

This is applied to sweeper to army officer or IPS officer. It made minimum salary to 18k ruppes in past it was 9k ruppes(around). But(the real part always starts at but) it removed some old unnecessary perk like DA,.. and embed them in actual salary. So ultimately they gave benefit of 1.5 k to 3k ruppes to most government officials. Which is low in compare to past 6th which hiked around 50% salary.

now, they’re going to strike. of-course to protest. That’s why I’ve written this post. Believe me. when they’re in strike, could I get their work and get same money for same work. The reason behind unemployment in India is really too much high. I really want to work but I when I’ll pass out from college, there’ll not be much government jobs.

Enough jokes, I can never handle government jokes. Do we mind if wordpress pay us for writing posts. (ps- I got reply from wp ‘Dream on’). Then I asked fb, whatsapp, insta to pay me something for I pay my 24*7 time with them. They also laughed ruthlessly at my serious demand. I don’t know anything about others, I really have fear that after my bachelor, I’m not going to get any work.

Anyways, enough Rona-dhona. And happy blogging. And never ask wordpress for money  Learn from my experience.



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