The Iron Lady: Smriti Irani

Do you know, 21st century is really become a bad time for Indian politicians. Especially lady politicians are being victims of harassment and bad jokes by Indian Comedians. Smriti Irani is an iron lady. She wasn’t born with golden spoon unlike most politicians. She had made her way on her own. She can give fiery orations, even demons would hide their face when Smriti Irani took fight against her in Twitter. Let’s not forget about how she gave Rahul Gandhi a serious threat in his den.

Best HRD Minister Ever: Smriti Irani :

Smriti Irani didn’t only work as a HRD minister, she served our nation as a HRD minister.

She knew importance of mother language education : That’s why she had done saffronication(paint Indian education with saffron) in education and don’t forget how she made Sanskrit mandatory in education.

Some foolish left wing didn’t like her work and made an unethical and 100% wrong issue of her fake degree of BA. Really? who makes fake degree of BA. Let me ask you? If I give you chance to have a fake degree. Would you like to have a BA degree. No, sir I would add M before my BA and that’s  I must become Minister in BJP of Arts.

Smriti Irani’s best work as a minister of HRD was how she handled situation in Bangalore and Delhi. 1) Rohit Vemula’s suicide and 2) Kanaiya Kumar’s epic unpatriotic funeral of Afzal Guru. That’s not important what was the situation but the important part was how she made best out of best situation. It’s true that no-one in the government couldn’t handle those situation better way. Not even prime minister.

Let’s Read Breaking aka Sad News About Smriti Irani:

Smriti Irani has been demoted to textile minister yesterday in #modicabinet. Can you believe this? Have you read the previous paragraph about her work. But what can we do. Politics is never been good to nice people.

Although as per as her her great qualification, I can really assure that 6000 crore budget is going to utilize with best interest if single penny.

I should suggest Smriti Irani should be best in minister of  Agriculture.

Do you remember her name in Sas Bhi Kabhi Bahu thi.

“Tulsi” That’s why she is the most herbal minister in Modi cabinet.

She also should be brand ambassador of Patanjali Tulsi product.

I know, before reading this post, you’ve assumed me as a Pro-Smriti Irani or Pro-RSS. Read again this post from the start, you’ll have best time of your life.

My Twitter Fight With Pro-Smriti Fan

I’ve made this nice, natural and make in India comment on Smriti Irani on Twitter


Lack appriciation with some folks, someone replied me to appriciate me

So I give him reply that How nice work Smriti Irani had done in parliamnet with best word I can find


But that guy was a hard as a rock, he didn’t know. He is never gonna win.(It is my blog, why do I share a story about How I Lose A Twitter Battle…although that’d get me nice viewers)

Giving competition to Rahul Gandhi(National Pappu) is a great to thing to have in a resume

To study in convent school through out her life, being finalist of Miss India, and have attached her name in most complicated blood related family cum serial Kyunki Saas(breathe) bhi kabhi bahu..t(more) thi..(because there were more bretahe)(She is campaigning Kapal Bharti, remember being brand ambessador of Patanjali)




I always assume, what innovative work can I do as a humor blogger. I can change world with keyboard of lappy and my one hand occupied for sipping TEA poured in my tongue by mug. Then I would say to myself, why don’t I change myself first, and make fun of all the bloggers(including me) and world’s most important peolple with nice academic records.

Too much wisdom in one post


I want to teach him meaning of humor, so what is the best way to teach meaning of humor? Can anybody teach me. See, my way.

Suraj or sun we call it Chaman.
This is the first and best jingle, I’ve ever written in my life.


Is there any grade in humor?? And he gave me c grade..mind you Suraj . I can do better than c grade. D GRADE😍😍
If there’re any grade in humor, i know this government will put guy like Pahalaj Nihlani in Humor sensor board. Readers, think like Pahlaj. What grade will you give to my post??


I think, I’m a guy with humor. I just tweet, comment of post an article whatever I got as a first strike. Anyways have a nice politics.

ps-Mein Tulsi Tere Aangan Ki.



35 thoughts on “The Iron Lady: Smriti Irani

  1. I really don’t care what you wrote kishan…!! But it was a relief from what we read in newspaper, and foremost it was hilarious to end my day..!!😂😂😂😂😂

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  2. I wholly agree with you. She is one of the personages who is misunderstood by many people. Politicians say one thing today and tomorrow somebody quotes him/her they say, ‘I was misquoted or misinterpreted’ or the words to this effect but this IRON LADY sticks to her assertions. I think these matter of fact attitude towards her attitude cost her dearly. I think, to whatever Ministry she would be put, she will exert and come with flying colours.

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  3. I am not concerned with the twitter battle.It is humorous or not the truth remains that she is REALLY an IRON LADY.If actors are not suitable in politics can u raise against Jayalalithaa AMMA, the living GOD of TN ? There are a no.of films stars turned politicians in TN..So don’t ridicule actor turned politicians. Modi’s move my be out of fear,that one day he may be replaced by Smrithi not that she was incompetent for HRD.


    1. giving fiery speech is not certificate of a iron lady..if you’ve read the post..i’ve listed her fatal failures as a hrd ministers like Rohit Vemula nd JNU issue..which had become complicated because of HRD’s intervention..any ministers with this kind of history can be sacked..nd I respect women..who are self made like Mamata Banerjee ..She was just a teacher when she entered politics.. now she is a politician as well as writer as well intellectual ..her success doesn’t depend on fiery speech about hindu agend..and there are many more other..i just not promote any sort of religious agenda


      1. Ur intentions are clear now.Hindutua agenda is ur problem.And Mamatha is the protector Bengla desh infiltrators to create vote bank.She is not caring the security of this nation and u are praising her.Damn shame on u Mr.kishan.

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  4. This is hilarious! You got a “C” grade, still better than “F” anyday 😂😂😂 I imagine your twitter fight ended with the song Suraj hua madham…. in the background 😜 Congrats on winning that battle though! 😂👍👍

    As for Smriti going from education to textile might not be such a great move. Imagine sarees and dhotis being made compulsory clothing of the nation. I think we’re still in trouble, this might be out of the frying pan and into the fire for all of us 😂😂😂

    The only place I want tulsi, is in a pot or my green tea. And government please add saffron in kheer and jalebi only please. 😜😂

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        1. you got me. I also thought ‘F’ as a funny. I’ll get clean blog award because of F grade. We should thank all pandits, sadhus, swamijis, saffron people..without would we know..human kind can born without mind

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  5. Why is she being demoted to as textile minister?
    I don’t know the answer but the way she handled the responsibilities of HRD is remarkable.
    If there is politics in this demotion of her then i would say that this kind of politics is not benefiting anyone in any way
    Need to think?


    1. she hasn’t handled anything HRD as a remarkable …recall case of Kanaiya Kumar, Rohit Vemula. She has just created situation more complicated. Any other ministers would have sacked at the moment. She is ‘lucky’ , she is still a minister

      Liked by 2 people

        1. I have pointed out her failure to handle situations. Yeah, I agree she has to do party politics. But she played with nation’s security. They were case of Some college students doing something wrong things. Any principal would have handled this. Bht because of that ‘party politics’ of India fell low in front of world

          Liked by 1 person

            1. this is a big failure as a hrd..the reason she was in hrd what people to promote hindu agenda…is it right qualification to be a hrd minister. We should appreciate Mr.Modi’s decision. That’s my perspective.

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