secret ingredient

if secret  ingredient behind delicious food is love

then trust me

people who are infiltrating social media with love quotes must be Tarla Dalal


stupid fellows, who believes Romeo and Juliet was a real story just like pokemons are real.



33 thoughts on “secret ingredient

                  1. Your blog has your name on it. :p this was like “tumhara naam kya hai basanti” moment. πŸ˜€
                    And lol, no, I am not the actress wali rekha. Not that old Atleast.

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                    1. you got me. How can a girl with a sense of humor can be as old as Rekha the actress. we know, she has a elegance, ageless beauty. but how can that be you :-p “tumhara nam kya hain basanti” jarur dhanno ne pu6a honga

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                    2. that’s funny really. A guy with no mind like me can be in NIT. thanks for sharing this about me being a NITan. I’m never been to any precious college in my life. what does ‘macha’ mean. like macho man!!


                    3. Oki, sorry. Wrong number. :p
                      May be it was someone else.
                      Lol, no. Not macho man. Don’t be so happy :p
                      Macha actually means brother-in-law, but we (chennaities and bangaloreans) use it to address a friend. Like how some people say “yaar ” or “bro”, macha is used in similar context. πŸ™‚

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                    4. thanks for calling me bro. I’d really appreciate that. nd really I want to touch your feet that you also specified that it also mean like ‘yaar’. phew. bach gaya. You must be from Bangalore or Chennai. the only capitals of smart people in India


                    5. Was that supposed to be sarcastic? :p the thanks for calling me bro wala part.
                      Btw, I never called u Bro. If you want to, I don’t mind.. Raksha bandhan is also around the corner you see. :p
                      Yes, I am from silicon valley of India. Thanks for saying that we are smart. :p

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                    6. me and sarcasm. God forbid me. you’re lucky to be from the city that everyone admires. Nd don’t call me bro and Rakshabnadhan vala din to sare ladko ko Jantar Mantar pe anna hazare ke sath protest karke remove karna hain..kya hain us din mein!! huh

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                    7. Gujaratis are known as business minded people and also known for people tolerant of fun. -award winning speech for Gujaratis. nahi..just making fun of myself against smartest people of India


                    8. Smartness does not depend on the city you were born in. :p
                      I had a gujju friend who was smart enough.

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                    9. First step of being smart, call people by their names :p
                      P.S. I NEVER CALLED YOU BRO, why is ur tape recorder/cassette still stuck at bro?

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