I feel I am noone

Do I feel what am I

Something miss I could

something get I from world

Something forget I learnt

but satisfication I paid to get success

Destiny is there to reach somewhere

Dream is there to know destiny

work is there to fulfill dream

Destiny is there to do work

I love somebody what i don’t know

I scare am I so jerk

I lost my innocence when know I do

                                         to get somebody I get my dreams

I left my sleep to know somebody

I pretend I am cool am I

But I lost temper in every silly matter

I am in the place where I not there

The place which I prefer not exist

There is always somewhere where I’ve been in past

I prefer I don’t want to share my feelings

But there I forget what I prefer

My love is myself where do I lost

Mine is a hard but soft inside

I don’t want to care what others think

But I really do care what they think

Maybe this is something I can’t control ,

                                   to not to stop my flow of feelings,

the world is not enough to stay rustle

which I can’t explain and I can’t show

This is the end of the world

In what I see

But there is no end in the world

In what I don’t see