I’m sorry guys

# I’m sorry 

I’m sorry guys that I don’t believe any women are as equal as men. 

I’m sorry cause in my notion women are better than men. 

I’m sorry guys that woman should be in the kitchen cooking. 

I’m sorry guys cause in my notion woman should be in kitchen with his man.

I’m sorry guys that woman never go out for jobs wearing short dress.

I’m sorry guys cause most of the guys still judge woman by size of her skirt than her brain.

I’m sorry guys that woman only meant her life to serve his man and bore a boy child.

I’m sorry guys that I lived in this world being a man not understanding woman.

I’m sorry guys that I live in man dominated world where women are just slave of demands by men.

I’m sorry guys cause I’m neither misogynist or chauvinist.

a post dedicated to all the lovely ladies out their who took a bitter sip of misogynist men but still not giving up hope, prove them wrong by their hard work and dedication.


11 thoughts on “I’m sorry guys

              1. Kitna maafi maangte ho, bhai?

                I think a better change would come when people like you or I, not just apologize but do something about it. Because words just stay as words, until we act on them.
                Something to think about.
                Thank you. 🙂

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                    1. Donald Trump has invited both of us to White Trump House..nd he’ll bring the coffee to us..nd will go out of the house. sounds like a plan..
                      doesn’t it?
                      don’t believe me. Ask Donald or blame him


                    2. He will build a wall before inviting us anywhere.
                      Trump, theButler?

                      It’s easy, isn’t it? To blame someone we don’t even know, and probably from the other side of the world.


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