The Iron Lady: Smriti Irani

Do you know, 21st century is really become a bad time for Indian politicians. Especially lady politicians are being victims of harassment and bad jokes by Indian Comedians. Smriti Irani is an iron lady. She wasn’t born with golden spoon unlike most politicians. She had made her way on her own. She can give fiery orations, even demons would hide their face when Smriti Irani took fight against her in Twitter. Let’s not forget about how she gave Rahul Gandhi a serious threat in his den.

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Funny News : Blast At Istanbul : New Xbox One : 29/06/16

Indternational News

Blast At Istanbul : Really Turkey is on fire

Who left the gas on? Who..who..who.. John, now how’re we going to celebrate Christmas. This is our first Christmas together. I’ve only given you 1 responsibility and sobs) [behind every women’s failure in cooking there’s a man]

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Humorous Day 28/06/16




Month of June is officially declared as black month in history of Europe. (The Offcial is founder member of revolutionary blog Kishan Thakar, so true(That must be your comment idiots)) First as we all know Britain has left EU and saved 350 Million Pound to Eu (Our Unofficial Reporter Officially proclaim  that that money is going to aid BBC for shut down his lazy mouth and save world from lazy and boring British News anchors (so true)). So day of BREXIT’ll known as independence day. (This news is officialese by descendant of  Sir Newton. They also hate and don’t follow Einstein’s theory of relativity. First and main reason he is not British and second of all he has a funny hairstyle and British people don’t believe to do or follow any kind of fun – Racist Quote 0000001)

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360 perspective of Veer Savarkar

Savarkar guy, I know, you know or recognize that guy as a one of a freedom fighter of India who took violent way. There is not much details given in textbook other than his great escapade from ship. He dived from ship at height of  30 Meters and survived and reached Marseille port. Unfortunately, he got caught by French and French gave Savarkar to British which is against international law. That’s how he got the title of  Veer(brave) Savarkar. You can read more from click here and contradictory story click here.

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New target of Subramaniam : Raghuram Rajan

Raghuram Rajan isn’t patriotic because, he has a US citizenship.

Quoted by a child

Have you read quoted sentence above. Don’t you really believe me, this sentence is actually written by a child or foolish person like this nonsense blogger and every other viewers of Ekta Kapoor serials. If I hadn’t cleared by that title that this sentence is said by Mr. Swami. You wouldn’t believe me. Right?

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From Heaven to havoc: graveyard of INC

Accidentally while I was high last night that I made a mistake and the result came out of it was unfortunately positive as I was told by my friend. No, Sonia Gandhi, no. Don’t be empathetic to her.

As we are talking about Mrs Gandhi. Currently party led by her is also known as “INDIAN NOTORIOUS COMEDY

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Parody of how BJP mla dragged out of Delhi assembly in his point of view Part-1

New Delhi Assembly, November 30

        Bjp MLA Vijendra Gupta the leader of opposition in Delhi assembly dragged out of assembly was dragged out of assembly because of XYZ reason. (Reasons don’t matter to me. I am an Indian, I just forward messages because one God has typed and ordered message in social network) imaginary story of how he had dragged out of assembly is mention here.

Disclaimer: Don’t click on read more link if you’re the intolerant citizen of India. Meaning of parody is over exaggerating some incidents. Please note.

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