A True Happy Birthday To Mahesh

Why people wish birthday with a prefix of ‘happy’? Indian scientists has done research on one happy blogger and after the result they have found out that

there is one guy who was always happy. He was always full of energy played Tennis , watched movies but he was happy. Even he has no girlfriend he stayed happy. He ruled over all the Pune with peace and no girlfriend. He helped old people and attended marriages as a chief guested but he had no girlfriends.

Scientists were shocked after reading the Report Card. One Oscar Award winner scientist quoted, ‘damn him, he is happy because he doesn’t had a girlfriend.’

That’s enough of my nonsense. As Mahesh you’re still alive and reading this post. We’ve decided to celebrate your ‘TRUE HAPPY BIRTHDAY’ by making jokes about you. By reading that you can laugh and remember your birthday that, you turned 20 without any girlfriend. That’s enough of girlfriend puns from me.

To Mitron, sharu karte hain, Ye Mahesh Ki Kahani hain

From Saketh

Mahesh and Mukesh were late to school.
Teacher: Why are you late?
Mukesh: Cycle chain came off.
Teacher: Routine lie. Stay out. What about you Mahesh?
Mahesh: I was helping Mukesh with the chain ma’am.
Teacher: Good boy. Come in.


From Arti

Mahesh called at police station.

Mahesh: FIR likhni hai
Police: kis bat ki?
Mahesh: gf nhi mil rhi hai.
Police: kb se?
Mahesh: bachpn se…


From Bhaumik
Mahesh is helping his girl to find a chocolate in the fridge which he ate 2 hours agoAnd that’s why Mahesh doesn’t have any girlfriend


From Kishan

Mukesh:sad birthday, Mahesh.
Mahesh: Great birthday wish Man
Kishan, Bhaumik, Antara, Saketh and all bloggers: How in the hell sad birthday is great man?
Mahesh: Haven’t you heard. Ye Mukesh ki Kahani hain, this man is going to die and still wishes me on my birthday
and that’s how Mukesh was a great man and Mahesh even greater to accept the sad wishes
don’t be skeptic guys and enjoy birthday wish from all person even from zombies like Mukesh

From Antara:

From love of Antara


Kishan and Saketh: haha…Mahesh, stalks girls on social network. He is so pathetic.

Antara: Let me check your cellphone, guys.

Kishan And Saketh: Btw, we forget to wish that happy birthday Mahesh


From Aanchal:

This is Mahesh.
He is a blogger. He is a very helpful person.Mahesh hasn’t played Pokemon Go and wasted his time.
So Mahesh is smart.

From Kishan2

Suresh: Mahesh always leaves theatre after five mintes of movie

Jignesh: because he doesn’t smoke or drink

Suresh: no he thinks, Theatre only put a show of ‘Mukesh ki Kahani’

#watchMukeshkiKahani recommended by Mahesh’s long lost brother from ¬†Gujarat Jignesh

Antara is back:


From Pratisha: