3 Days 3 Quotes : Day 2

Viewing deepest desire in your heart will give you neither knowledge nor truth.

-Albus Dumbledore

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Characters of Personal Diary Of Sizuka

Sizuka Mafatlal : As you all know my name. The lead character of series, ‘Peronal Diary Of Sizuka’. I would like to eat and sleep all the time. You can call it my hobbies. To be honest, all the free time, I read books and magazines. I am a book worm. You can call me nerdy Sizuka, if you like. Again if Nerdy is my first name then my last name would be daydreamer. I fantasize a lot. Ultimately my full name is Nerdy Daydreamer Sizuka.
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Personal diary of Sizuka

Hello readers, I am Sizuka. I am recently going to be married and I have to shift my home to husband’s house.(Freaking idiot, why don’t he shift to my house, then how would life be simpler, it’s all drag, the fool society)
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